Heating Thermostats

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What is a heating thermostat?

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In order to achieve required energy efficient heating and domestic hot water (DHW) both time and temperture control are essential. Thermostats limit the amount of fuel used and improve comfort by controlling and regulating the temperatures of air within homes, and their stored domestic hot water (DHW), at appropriate levels.

Radiator valves  (TRVs), Room  and Cylinder  are 'Minimum Set' recommendations in the Government’s new domestic heating controls Good Practice Guide (GPG) 302 . Use is essential in order to comply with the revised (2002) Building Regulations, Part L  , which apply to all new dwellings and to existing ones undergoing major heating upgrades/refurbishments.

Programmable Room thermostats  are listed as 'Best Practice' controls in GPG302 and provide extra energy saving benefits, as much as 10% saving if turned down by 1º.

Boiler thermostats are primarily safety controls.