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Wireless Room Thermostats
Room thermostats hard wired
Motorised valves
Remote sensors



Wireless Room Thermostats


How do I recommission my Digital thermostat to the SCR?
Follow the commissioning guide that comes with the units or download the instructions from our website

I have a Digistat+RF Room Unit with my combi boiler. Is it possible that interference from other wireless appliances can occur, ie computer systems, walkie talkies, radio controlled toys?   
No, all these applications have their own dedicated bandwidth

What is the effective range of the digital signal? 
Typically 30M, however  building construction and materials may effect this. Signal strength test should be carried out

I have a Digistat+RF and I have managed to snap one of the clips on the battery holder. Where can I obtain a replacement? It seems crazy to purchase a new complete unit. 
Contact the technical helpline on 0845 130 7722 and seek their assistance.

What should be done when E1 appears on the screen of a room thermostat? Does the whole wireless system need replacement? 
No, E1 is an error code that means the internal sensor has failed. The sender unit will have to be replaced.

Is the SCR receiver available as a separate item?  
Yes, The SCR is available seperately, part number 22149

I have a Digistat+RF thermostat and the alarm led still permanently on, what does this mean? 
The thermostat  is not communicating with the receiver. Replace the batteries in the thermostat. Recommission the 2 units.

I have a 3-4 year old Drayton Digistat RF3 wireless controller that I wish to update.
The RF1, 2 and 3 are no longer available. They can be replaced with any current range of RF thermostats.



Room thermostats hard wired


Is the Digistat+2 the same as Digistat 2? 
No, The Digistat+2 is the current version and has superior programming functions which allow for greater temperature control.

Can the RTS8 ‘Combi Stat’ be used on standard non combi boilers? 

My Digistat +2/3 appears to switch off before my set point is reached and sometimes remains on after my set point is reached, is this normal? 
Yes, this thermostat on a energy saving algorithm.



Motorised valves

The actuator head of a ACL Lifestyle 2-port motorised valve (679H308-30L1) has failed. Is it still possible to get the actuator for this valve  to avoid draining the whole system?  
This range of valves and actuators are now obsolete. Your only option is to drain down the system and fit ZA 5/6 zone valve.

The head of my MA1 Actuator is hot, is this normal? 
Yes, the motor in the head is constantly energised regardless of position and will create a small amount of heat.





Will the new Tempus 7 heating programmer fit on the old brown and cream one wall plate? 
No, The contact pins on the back of the unit are slightly smaller in length and therefore may not always make contact with the unit. Always use the backplate supplied with the unit for best results.

My Lifestyle LP 112 has stuck and will not accept any commands and is permanently on. 
Turn the power off to the unit  for 10 minutes to reset the logic. Switch back on again.

I need a CH controller with a "Holiday" and “Boost”function , what models can I have?  
The new LP programmer range have these functions.

Can I replace the back up battery in an LP or Tempus unit? 
These batteries are factory fitted and not designed to be user replaceable. Unauthorised removal of the battery could damage the unit.





I will be removing a radiator that is fitted at one end with a Drayton TRV 4 thermostatic valve. Are there any special precautions I should take in order to make the valve water tight. 
To shut the valve off permanantly use the plastic decorator cap that comes supplied with the valve, the valve will remain shut no matter what the temperature.

Are your range of TRV heads available separately?  
Yes,  all heads are available separate to valve bodies

What EB bodies does your range of TRV heads fit? 
Any current TRV head will fit any any of the range of EB bodies.

I have a Drayton TVR4 thermostatic valve on the radiator. Is it correct that it can be installed on both the Flow or Return and can be mounted either horizontal or vertical? 
If the valve is a 15, 10 or 8mm angled body then it can be fitted in either flow/return,  horizontally or vertically.

What range of  TRV bodies are Bi- directional? 
The 15, 10 or 8mm angled body is bi directional as denoted by the double headed arrow on the valve body.  ALL other bodies are flow directional as indicated by the single headed arrow head on the valve body.

What is the TRV4 filled with? 
The TRV is liquid filled this gives a fast response to temperature and provides a greater temperature accuracy.

Can I fit an RT212 head to a TRV4 head and vice versa? 
Yes, the thread connections on all current Drayton TRV’s enables interchanging of the heads.

Does Drayton manufacture any twin entry radiator valves? 
No, Drayton does not manufacture any twin entry radiator valves.



Remote sensors


How many types of remote sensors are there? 
We manufacture two different types of sensor kits. One is described as a remote sensor and the other as a setting kit.

What is the difference between them?  
Here is a picture of the ETF2 07 55 002, you can see that this allows one end of the capillary to be connected to the radiator and the other end is external to the radiator housing. The radiator can be controlled by adjusting the remote sited TRV head.

Remote sensor

Alternatively, remote sensor 07 25 007, as shown below, allows the TRV head to be connected to the radiator at a pre determined comfort level and the remote sensor is sited externally to the radiator housing. The TRV cannot be adjusted without removing the radiator housing.

Remote sensor