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UK Facing Cold Weather in January Cold Snap's Back Header
UK Facing Cold Weather in January Cold Snap's Back

(Published 23 December 2010)

After one of the coldest Decembers on record, Met Office officials have warned that the ‘big freeze’ could extend into late January.


(Published 15 December 2010)

The UK is set to be hit by more freezing conditions this week, with severe weather warnings issued for many parts of the country.


Green Deal Published UK Gas Prices Soar Header 2
Houses of Parliament UK Gas Prices Soar

(Published 9 December 2010)

The Energy Bill, which contains the Government’s flagship Green Deal policy on energy efficiency, is due to be introduced in Parliament today.


(Published 3 December 2010)

The National Grid has raised concerns over gas bills this winter, as the recent arctic weather results in a 25% increase in demand for gas compared to this time last year.


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