Drayton Explains - SAVE ENERGY BY ZONING

Did you know over 50% of a home’s energy bill is spent on heating and hot water, so having control over individual rooms can drive efficiency? Multi zoning helps to reduce customer’s energy bills and gives them the ability to better control their heating systems. Our product range offers a solution for every application to provide your customer with maximum control and comfort.

Back to basics – room control with traditional TRVs

Did you know fitting TRVs to a heating system is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to improve efficiency?  According to statistics from BEAMA, correctly installed and operated TRVs can save up to 19% in energy use.  We offer a range of TRVs to suit every budget, from the RT212 supplied with the fixed flow rate body, to the RT414 and the market leading TRV4.

Plus, our newly launched Auto-balancing TRVs can help save even more for your customer by ensuring a permanently balanced system.  Simple and quick to fit, not only do these save an average of 8.8% due to the balanced system, but they also ensure lower return flow temperatures to aid condensing – improving overall boiler efficiency.


Zoning with thermostats

Our new Digistat range includes a 2 channel version (RF902) which can be used for controlling heating and hot water, OR two heating zones.  If your customer already has two heating zones, the new Digistat is a simple replacement, and it upgrades them on their first step to smart control (with app control via Bluetooth technology).  By adding in the extra thermostat (RF90T) and pairing it to the system, your customer has the ability to create separate schedules for their two zones, saving energy.

Smart individual room control

Our Wiser Smart Room and Radiator Thermostats are wireless and use their own network, making multi-zoning reliable and straightforward.  Start with the Wiser HubR then thanks to our Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostats, controlling multiple zones has never been easier. The home can be divided into 16 separate zones enabling individual time and temperate control for each room, helping to save your customer money by not heating unused rooms.

The in-home devices gives the customer the ability to boost individual zones whilst more advanced control like scheduling and Smart Modes can be accessed using the Wiser Home app, available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Each zone within the home can have its own schedule which allows for up to 8 different time and temperature events per day.

Fitting a full Wiser multi-zone system for your customers has the potential to save them up to 30% off their energy bills.


With so many options available to zone properties, and with the extensive savings that can be made by doing so, it’s one of the easiest ways to help your customers reduce their energy use.

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