New Digistat Mains 16A Relay with OpenTherm

Drayton's new Digistat 2290M is mains-powered with 16A relay and OpenTherm outputs. It provides unparalleled flexibility with universal operation and optional smartphone control.

  • Programme using the app via Bluetooth connection (no Wi-Fi needed) or manual control via the thermostat
  • Familiar Digistat features and operation
  • Universal programming: 7 day, 5/2 day, 24 hour or simple room thermostat
  • Optimised settings for gas, heat pump, electric and oil
  • Optional Service Interval feature
  • OpenTherm connection

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Part number 2290M
Power supply 230VAC +/-10%, 50Hz
Switch type and rating 16(2)A at 230V/50Hz
Min. recommended current SPDT (voltage free contacts) 10mA@24VAC (inductive)
Ambient temperature Operating 0°C to 40°C; Storage - 20°C to 65°C
Ambient humidity (non condensing) Operating 20% to 80% (90% non condensing)
Temperature range 5°C to 30°C
Rated impulse voltage 4KV
Ball pressure test 75°C
Disconnection means 1B
Automatic action 100,000 cycles
Operating frequency (Bluetooth) 2402-2480 MHz
Max RF Power transmitted (Bluetooth) +10dBm
Pollution degree 2
Protection level IP30
Wiring Designed for fixed wiring only, to comply with IET wiring regulations
Dimensions 90x135x31mm (HxWxD)
Energy class V = 3%
Relevant EC directives 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive 2012/19/EU WEEE 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive
Applied standards EN60730-1 EN 60730-2-7 EN 60730-2-9 ESTI EN 300 328 ESTI EN 301 489 EN IEC 63000 EN15500
App system requirements Android™ Version 9 or higher | Apple® iOS 12 or higher | Bluetooth version 4.2 or higher
Sustainable offer status Green Premium Product
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What does Universal Thermostat mean?

The Digistat is universal because it can be used as a fully-programmable thermostat or as a simple manual thermostat. In fact it contains 4 types of functionality:

7-day programmingThe most flexible option allowing you to schedule every day of the week independently.
5-day / 2-day programmingThis groups weekdays and the weekend separately, so you can set a schedule for your weekdays and a separate schedule for the weekend.
24-hour programmingThis gives you the same schedule across every day of the week.
Manual thermostatThis option has no schedule and controls by temperature only. You set your preferred temperature and adjust it with the + and - buttons.
Why should I use the Digistat with the Wiser Heat app?

The Wiser Heat app makes scheduling and adjustments easier, quicker and simpler. The app is completely intuitive and allows you to copy schedules from one day to the next. All from the smartphone in the palm of your hand.

Do I need Wi-Fi or broadband to connect to my Digistat?

No, your smartphone connects directly to the Digistat using Bluetooth (4.2 or later) technology, providing a quick and simple connection when in range (typically at home).

What fuel types does Digistat support?

Digistat supports the following fuel types:

22900BGas, oil, heat pump
2290MGas, oil, heat pump, electric
RF901Gas, oil, heat pump
RF902Gas, oil, heat pump

Depending on the fuel type you select during installation will affect how Digistat works with your boiler/heat source - so ensure to select the correct type during installation.

Does Digistat work with combi-boilers and conventional boilers?

Yes, there is a Digistat to suit both types of boiler – try our product selector to find the right one for you.

Do I need an OpenTherm boiler to use Digistat?

No, Digistat works very efficiently with most boilers and is easy to install. The beauty of Digistat is if you do decide to upgrade to an OpenTherm boiler, our smart control will also be compatible. Note the 2290M and RF901 are OpenTherm compatible.

How do I check that my boiler is OpenTherm enabled?

If your Combi boiler is OpenTherm enabled you should see the an OpenTherm sticker (below) on the boiler, as well as in your boiler specific instruction guides. If you are still unsure, contact your installer or manufacturer of the boiler to request clarification.

How do you boost?

The Digistat now has a BOOST function. You access this via the O button, selecting the time for the BOOST (30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours) and the temperature required. When the BOOST has elapsed the Digistat returns to its normal schedule.

The Digistat remembers the last BOOST so if you always use the same parameters just press the O button 3 times. Simple!

What preset schedules are included?

The Digistat includes 3 preset schedules to get you started:

Preset 1 provides heating in the morning and in the evening

Preset 2 provides heating in the morning, at noon and in the evening

Preset 3 provides heating all day long

How is Digistat suitable for visually-impaired tenants/homeowners?

The thermostat can be set to manual mode (temperature only)

The + and – buttons are recessed

When pressing the + and – buttons and tone sounds above and below the set point when audible feedback is enabled.

Can I lock Digistat to prevent tampering?

Yes, go into the Advanced User settings and select option 6 (lock). You will be asked to enter a 3-digit code which will need to be entered later to unlock the Digistat.

How is Digistat Boiler Plus compatible?

The Digistat qualifies as one of the additional measures required when replacing a boiler. In fact it qualifies both as a Smart Control and as Load Compensation.

Which Digistats are being replaced?
2290BReplaces 22192, 22084, 22083, 22102 and 22104
2290MReplaces 22103, 22088, 22087, 22103 and 22105
RF901Replaces RF710, RF700, RF701, RF703 and RF704
RF902Replaces 22190, 22090, 22092, 22111 and 22110
What is a real-time clock?

A real-time clock means that you don’t need to set the time or date when you first use your Digistat – it is factory set during manufacture. In addition you don’t need to worry about summer/winter time changes as this is also done automatically by the Digistat.

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