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9° Network

The 9° Network is a professional installer club that rewards loyalty with exclusivity. Simply register for FREE below.

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Welcome to the 9° Network, the installer club designed to reward loyalty. 

9° Network benefits

  • Online training academy
  • 5 year extended warranties
  • Professional installer status
  • Exclusive training opportunities
  • Website listing
  • New product previews and trialling
  • Access to web portal for exclusive content

But why is it called the 9° Network?

Drayton has been monitoring website trends for many years to understand behavioural patterns and customer needs. After reviewing the data there is one key trend - when the temperature dips to 9°C, the interest in controls suddenly goes up.

So for those in the trade, nine is the magic number! Homeowners start switching on their heating and thinking about how they can maintain their comfort and minimise costs. 

Drayton is committed to supporting installers, and the launch of the 9° Network is our latest initiative to inform and assist you. We welcome any feedback and want to work with you to improve our products and services.

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