Security Support Policy

Drayton by Schneider Electric, takes security and privacy very seriously.

If you want to report a security issue for one of our products, please contact Customer Service Support.

Our policy for handling reports of security issues, along with resources for security researchers, can be found here: Schneider Electric: Vulnerability Management Policies.

Security support updates will be available for Drayton by Schneider Electric connected products for a defined support period, which may be extended. The support periods for current products may be found below.

Product NameCommercial ReferenceHardware VersionDefined Support Period
Digistat Dual-Channel Mains 3A Relay22902 (EP)DIGISLOG10V11Until 30th April 2026
Digistat Battery 3A Relay2290B (EP)DIGISLOG10V11Until 30th April 2026
Digistat Mains 16A Relay2290M (EP)DIGISLOG10V11Until 30th April 2026
Digistat Single-Channel RFRF901 (EP)DIGISLOG20V10Until 30th April 2026
Digistat Dual-Channel RFRF902 (EP)DIGISLOG20V10Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Electrical Heat Switch WE714U1A09026320094_B3Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Room Thermostat Anthracite WN704R0S09016320102_A3Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Room Thermostat WN704R0S09026320102_A3Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Heat HubR 1CH WT714R1S09026320064_C9Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Heat HubR 2CH WT724R1S09026320065_C9Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Heat HubR 3CH WT734R1S09026320066_C9Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Radiator Thermostat Anthracite WV704R0A09016320077_A4Until 30th April 2026
Wiser Radiator Thermostat  WV704R0A09026320077_A4Until 30th April 2026