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As a leading controls manufacturer, we feel it’s important to keep you up to date and in the know with all the latest legislation updates in our industry relating to your work.  Below you’ll find details on the key legislations and how they’re relevant to your work.

Boiler Plus

Boiler Plus, which involved an update to the Domestic Services Compliance Guide came into effect in April 2018.  The revisions were introduced to help the government meet the EU's 2020 lower emissions target.

Why make these changes

The revisions set out new expectations for manufacturers and installers, to improve the energy performance standards for domestic heating in English homes, predominantly through the installation of heating controls.


All installations of gas boilers (both new and replacement) need to have a minimum ErP efficiency rating of 92% and include both time and temperature controls.

Additional measures

If the installation is a combi boiler (both new and replacement) ONE of these additional measures needs meeting.

  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery*
  • Weather Compensation
  • Load Compensation
  • Smart Controls featuring automation and optimisation functions

Drayton compliance

Weather compensation - Wiser satisfies this measure because Eco Mode combines weather compensation and optimum stop

Load compensation - Many Drayton products meet this measure due to the algorithms used in their software, including Wiser, the full Digistat range and the LP Clip-in controls

Smart controls - Wiser satisfies this measure thanks to Eco Mode and Comfort Mode, both featuring optimisation and the 7 day scheduling within the app for automation.

*NB. Drayton doesn't offer a solution to meet the flue gas heat recovery measure since this is provided by the boiler manufacturers.

When installing a combi boiler*

When controlling a combi boiler, you need to fit a set of controls which improve energy efficiency.  Examples of solutions from Drayton are below:

seven items in boiler plus combi range
  • Digistat+/+RF or Digistat+1/+RF with SM1/SM2 or LP Range
  • Clip-in controls range
  • Digitat+2 or Digistat+3 range
  • Wiser Multi-zone or Thermostat kits

When installing a non-combi boiler

When controlling a non-combi boiler, you need to fit time and temperature controls.  Examples of solutions from Drayton are below:

Boiler Plus Systems
  • RTS range or Digistat+/+RF or Digistat+1/+1RF with SM1 / SM2 or LP range
  • Clip in controls range
  • Digistat+2 or Digistat+3 range
  • Wiser Multi-zone or Thermostat kits

The Drayton range of products offers a solution for both combi and non-combi installations, meaning you can continue to fit the thermostats and time controls you know and love, safe in the knowledge that your installation will meet with the new Building Regulations.

Read more here for further guidance from BEAMA on how to comply with the new regulations.

* Installing Flue Gas Heat Recovery and Weather Compensation devices will not comply with building regulations UNLESS time and temperature control is also installed.


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