Training Centre

This area contains information that you, the installer, can access to help with your day-to-day job. Broaden your skills by completing one of our short online e-learning modules, browse the handy ‘How To’ section, or take a look at our wiring diagrams – ideal for use as a reference point when you’re on the go.

Training Events

You may have attended one of our wholesaler demonstrations, exhibition stands or face-to-face training sessions in the past, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had no choice but to pause all face-to-face events. However, we’re committed to continuing to provide quality product training and we’ve introduced more ways for you to boost your Drayton product knowledge.


Join the Facebook group

By joining our installer Facebook group you can watch live training sessions, attend Q&A events, enter competitions, get product support and network with other professionals. Learn, chat and share in The Drayton Community Facebook group.


Drayton 9° Know How

We initially launched the 9° Know How online training academy to provide the Wiser Approved training on-demand as an alternative to the cancelled face-to-face sessions. Due to its popularity, our online training resource has been given an all-new look plus two new modules. Find out what's new in 9 Know How and join the 9° Network today if you haven’t already to access the free training!


For enquiries about more specific training opportunities, please email with your questions.

Become a Wiser Approved installer today

Wiser is our beautifully simple, smart multi-zone heating system. Easy to install from app to thermostat, Wiser is the altogether better, smarter, easier way to personalise home heating. find out more about Wiser on the website.

In as little as half an hour, you can join our network of Wiser Approved installers, You’ll have access to the discounted Wiser shop for limited special offers and priority technical support, along with sales tools and exclusive website leads to help you grow your business.

You’ll learn everything from commissioning and set up, to how it integrates with existing heating systems. The training will leave you completely confident with installation and how to get your customers started with the system.


Hundreds of installers have completed the Wiser Approved training, enabling them to install Wiser more quickly and easily, and better help their customers maximise comfort and efficiency.

“Just completed a Drayton Wiser training morning. I’d highly recommend the wiser controls system.”
– CSO Heating LTD @CsoLtd 

“Everyone should sign up to the 9° network site, plus you get work from customers looking to have Wiser installed.”
– Earth Plumbing @EarthNicks

 “Wiser (is) great, did the training course at Coventry, really good. Definitely recommend this system to fitters and their customers.”


To activate Wiser Approved status, simply complete the free 30-minute online training videos and take a short multiple-choice test. Once completed, you'll unlock a host of benefits:

  • ● Grow your business with leads from our consumer website
  • ● Register your Wiser kits for a free extended 5 year warranty
  • ● Rewards for installing and registering more Wiser kits
  • ● Pricing perks in our discount shop
  • ● VIP technical support

Sign up to the 9 Network today to access the Wiser Approved training.

Become a Wiser Approved installer

Our UK training tour is on-hold until further notice, but you can activate your Wiser Approved status today by completing the online training!


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