Avoid call backs when the clocks change with Drayton

On October 30th this year the clocks go back, signalling the end of British Summertime (BST).  In the days that follow this, installers often receive calls from confused householders who don’t know how to adjust their timers and programmers.

However, installers can avoid these costly, time-consuming call-backs by fitting a product with a real-time clock, such as Drayton’s LP programmers, Digistat+RF programmable room thermostats, MiTime and MiStat range, and new miGenie smart thermostat.

The real-time clock automatically changes when the clocks go forward or back, so there’s no need for manual Summer/Winter time adjustment. This makes life easier for homeowners and is a good upsell angle for installers.

Martin in Technical Support at Drayton Controls, said: “The calls from householders can be as predictable as the clock change itself, especially in the autumn when many consumers are starting to use their heating again. By fitting controls with a real-time clock, installers can save themselves time, money and hassle.”

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