Drayton Explains - The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Wiser

Wiser is the complete home heating solution for all applications. Adaptable, and user-friendly; we make it easy for your customers to get smarter with their homes and even smarter with their energy use. Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about Wiser to share with your customers.




1. Wiser will keep working even if the internet goes down. 


One of the key features of the Wiser system is the dedicated network that is used by the Wiser devices to communicate with the HubR. This makes a robust system that isn’t reliant on other networks within the home to function, meaning that if you lose WIFI or internet connection, the Wiser system will continue to follow its set schedules per zone, and you’ll still be able to use the boost / advanced functions on the in-home devices.


2. Multi-zone heating can save 19% of energy 


BEAMA research shows that by having independent temperature control in each room of a property your customers can save up to 19% off their energy bills. 

Our Wiser Smart Room and Radiator Thermostats are wireless and use their own network, making multi-zoning reliable and straightforward.  The Wiser system allows the home to be divided into 16 separate zones, with the Radiator Thermostats fitting on existing valve bodies using the supplied adaptors.  

The in-home devices give the customer the ability to boost individual zones whilst more advanced control like scheduling and utilising Smart Modes can be accessed using the Wiser Home app.  


3. Connect Wiser to your smart meter for even more control over energy use 


If your customer wants to get to grips with their home’s energy usage, there’s no better way than connecting the Wiser heating system to your smart meter. Our Insights+ feature enables your customer to better monitor their energy consumption from the heating system. 

Found in the settings page of the Wiser Home app, your customer will be guided through the eligibility checker to make sure their smart meter is compatible with Insights+.  Then they can purchase the in-home device for a one-off charge of £14.99 to enable the connection. 

Research show that this type of energy consumption visibility has the potential to save an extra 7% on energy bills. 


4. Wiser can control underfloor and electrical heating  


The Wiser Electrical Heat Switch allows your customer to control the temperature of rooms where the heat is provided by an electrical appliance up to 16A. This is particularly useful for controlling Electrical Underfloor Heating but must include our remote floor sensor for safety and room thermostat for temperature control.  However, it’s not limited to electrical UFH, but can also control electric radiators and towel rails, infrared panels and plinth heaters. 

As we move towards lower flow temperatures, hydronic underfloor heating can be an efficient way of heating your home and the Wiser Underfloor Heating controller is perfect for this. Ideal for new set ups but also suitable for upgrades enabling the whole heating system to be controlled via one app.  Each Wiser HubR will support up to 3 Wiser Underfloor Heating controllers and each one of these can control up to 6 zones and 14 loops of wet underfloor heating, Again, a room thermostat is needed for temperature control of each zone. 


5. Make sure you’re a Wiser Approved installer to get customer leads and Wiser Rewards 


As a Wiser Approved installer, you will benefit from:

  • Leads from our website
  • Exclusive discounts in our priority shop  
  • Wiser Rewards for fitting and registering more Wiser kits. 
  • Plus, extended warranty on those registered kits. 

It’s simple to become a Wiser Approved installer. 

  • Sign up here to start your journey
  • Complete the Wiser training modules 
  • Your status will be activated.  

The training will leave you confident and capable of installing Wiser for your customers. 

To learn more about our Wiser product range visit 



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