Drayton Sponsors BEAMA Zero Carbon Home Webinar Series 2021

In a crucial year for climate change action and amplifying voices for industry change heard ahead of COP26, Drayton are proud to sponsor the BEAMA Zero Carbon Homes webinar series, on achieving net zero homes in a more sustainable future.

To achieve the UK’s goal of Net Zero by 2050, industries must retrofit millions of homes with low-carbon heating technology. Register for the webinars today to join the discussion about challenges we face in delivering this change, and ways to move forward that improve the health and wellbeing of homeowners.

Remi Volpe, VP RTC, will be guest speaker in the third webinar of the series, The Power at our Fingertips – Heating Controls for Zero Carbon Homes, to explain the importance of effective, efficient and user-friendly heating controls that complement the low carbon heating systems we’ll start seeing more of.

Each event is supported by BEAMA whitepapers which will be published on Wednesday 13th October.

1. Delivering 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028 - 13th October - 1pm-2pm

2. Thermal storage – a vital component for zero carbon homes - 14th October - 1pm-2pm

3. The power at our fingertips – heating controls for zero carbon homes - 19th October - 1pm-2pm – with special Drayton guest speaker, Remi Volpe, VP RTC

4. Net Zero Healthy Homes – the wider benefits of home improvements for health - 22nd October - 11.00am-12.00pm

5. Reducing the cost of net Zero - system improvements for low carbon heating - 25th October - 11.00am-12.00pm

6. Home electrical infrastructure of the future – how Net Zero is changing the electrical foundations in our homes - 26th October - 1pm-2pm

7. Skills for Net Zero – the electrical industry discuss the growing demand for skilled jobs to deliver Net Zero - 27th October - 11.00am-12.00pm

Find out more about the BEAMA Zero Carbon Homes webinar series and register today via the BEAMA website.


Improving your sustainability with Wiser

Recent research released by BEAMA shows you could save up to £200 a year in energy bills by installing smart heating controls by Wiser and harnessing multi-zone control and the intelligent smart modes. With better heating control you're saving more than just money, you'll be saving energy and living more sustainably, for a brighter, greener future.



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Drayton sponsors BEAMA Zero Carbon Homes Webinars 2021

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