November saw the launch of a brand-new range of the popular Digistat with a Service Interval feature, developed to extend and improve the range of programmable thermostats on offer and meet the demands of the Local Authority contract business.

Key features of the new product include a flexible service interval mode with three options and adjustable warning/service periods, i.e. reduced comfort setting, completely off setting and no effect setting.  Also included is a selectable audible alarm and boost feature.

The new Service Interval versions will be available on the programmable thermostats, Digistat+2 and Digistat+3, in both hard wired (mains and battery) and RF versions.  You can read more on our product pages here.

Simon May, Product Manager, said: “The Digistat range is hugely popular amongst installers, boasting nearly 25 years of success and millions of installations across the UK.

“We are always looking to evolve our products and add new features where required, and the addition of Service Interval to this #range is the latest in our Digistat product development.

“We know many of our installer customers are heavily involved with Local Authority contract projects, so that’s why we have improved this range of programmable thermostats.”

The new range is now available to purchase in all merchants.

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