How Adopting New Minimum Installation Requirements Early Can HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS

The UK heating market continues to keep its 130,000 gas safe-registered installers busy, and 2021 looks set to be a record year for gas boiler sales with a 41% increase so far versus last year. But with changes to Building Regulations to Part L around the corner, including an increase to minimum installation requirements to boost boiler efficiency, how can you – the installer – avoid this becoming an obstacle to your work, and instead seize it as an opportunity to grow your business?

As you may have seen in recent news, new gas boiler sales could be banned from as early as 2025, to encourage uptake of low emission technologies like heat pumps. As the contribution of domestic heating to carbon emissions becomes better understood, the PM has set out a 10-point plan for a more sustainable UK, also committing £11bn of private investment to decarbonising UK buildings, with a core part of this strategy being the installation of around 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028.

But as you’ll know, not all buildings will be ready to switch straight to heat pumps; it’s a complex technology that can require extensive and costly changes to heating systems. However there are simple, existing procedures that, when carried out during new gas boiler installations, not only increase efficiency (lowering carbon emissions in the meantime) and system stability, they’ll also make the transition to heat pumps easier in the future.

As mentioned in our recent news piece, Interim Changes To Building Regulations Part L, the new regulations to ensure better gas boiler efficiency are likely to be as follows:

  1. 1. TRVs for every radiator with all new boiler installations

MHCLG has proposed in its January Future Buildings Standard Consultation that installation of TRVs on every radiator will become mandatory with all new boiler installations in 2021. Not only does this result in comfort and energy saving benefits for your customer, helping to reduce carbon emissions, it’ll make the system’s transition to heat pumps easier.

  1. 2. Mandatory system flow rate balancing

The Boiler Plus review currently underway by BEIS is looking into mandating hydraulic balancing with all new boiler installations.

This procedure to maximise system efficiency forms part of the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist necessary for boiler warrantee purposes, but in a 2017 consultation BEIS found that just 18% of installers carry out system flow rate balancing as standard for new boiler installations.


How Can Manufacturers Support Installers?

We understand that time is money; solutions must be straightforward, easy to master and quick to implement. A more sustainable Britain also requires a joint effort across all sectors, not just from installers on the front line.

Our aim at Drayton is to create solutions that make it easier for installers to install our products and maximise system efficiency, supporting you in complying with these new regulations, as you help your customers achieve better energy efficiency.

The Drayton TRV4, for example, allows you to balance flow rate from the TRV itself using the Drayton Balancing Key, saving precious time and energy.


  • > Stylish design
  • > Accurate liquid sensors
  • > Non-stick internals
  • > Double gland seal
  • > Balancing key included
  • > Balance the system from the TRV
  • > Available in a range of colours



How Can Early Adopters Of New Installation Standards Reap The Benefits?

By embracing these working standards for all new boiler installation from 2021, the benefits to you are there for the taking:

  1. 1. Become invaluable as an efficiency expert, with skills that are vital to the Government’s plan to decarbonise private and commercial buildings.
  2. 2. Help your customers achieve better efficiency and save money – get more recommendations whilst helping the UK move closer to net zero emissions.
  3. 3. By balancing systems as standard, you and your customer have peace of mind knowing that boiler warrantees won’t be compromised.
  4. 4. Help pave the way to an easier transition to heat pumps for you and your customer base.
  5. 5. By adopting these installation requirements as best practice, you’ll future-proof your business as practices that improve efficiency and sustainability will become mainstream in UK industry.


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