Heating data anywhere, anytime with just a tap of the app, discover how the new Heat Report helps users master their home heating.

When Wiser customers asked for a way to view the heating use throughout the home, we listened. We heard from installers too, who told us this is what clients are increasingly looking for from a smart heating system, so we're proud to introduce the new Heat Report to the Wiser app!Heat Report in the Wiser smart heating control appThe Heat Report is a brand new feature which can be viewed in the updated Account section of the Wiser heating control app when users update to app 3.1 (available on iOS and Android), simply by clicking the Account icon in the top right of the Home Screen to see exactly what the system is up to and, more importantly, that it's doing exactly what the user wants it to do.

Not only will this report provide users with personalised and informative reports about the heating use across the home, it also displays the selected setpoints for each zone, how quickly zones heat up to the setpoint and maps outside temperatures.

It's simple to navigate through days, weeks and even months to view the heating data over time and it's simple to switch from single room to multiple room views, where the user has opted for Wiser Multi-zone heating control.Heat Report on the Wiser smart heating appThe Heat Report data will update on a daily basis to provide detailed insights into how the Wiser system's been operating on the set schedules, helping your customers to tailor schedules even further to maximise comfort and efficiency across all zones. Using Wiser’s innovative smart heating controls, it takes just a few taps of the app to make adjustments which will start saving users energy, not to mention the cash savings when the utility bills are in!

Among the many Wiser features are the Smart Modes, designed with clever algorithms to let the system learn how to run the heating in the most efficient way. Once activated, users can see for themselves via the Heat Report how these features affect their smart heating and how they'll make energy savings across the home.App users may notice that the Heat Report is labelled as 'Beta' for now, this just means that we will be continuing to make improvements over the coming weeks and Wiser users can look forward to more features being added to the report in the future. Because installer and user experience is at the heart of what we so, we'd love to hear any feedback you or your clients have on the new report, so we can keep making Wiser an even smarter heating system.

Find out more about the new Wiser Heat Report here.

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