Older And Wiser: A Year On From Launch

After well over a year in the marketplace, we’re looking back on the journey of Wiser from new kit on the block to leading multi-zone smart heating control system.

Smart tech is here to stay

Smart technology is transforming our homes, with rapid growth in all manner of products from smart heating to microwaves. Recent research discovered up to a quarter of Brits now own at least one smart home device. Once branded mere gimmicks by critics early on, smart speakers are, for many, almost like a member of the family providing easy, hands-free control of everything from music collections to the smart thermostats now found in 1.7million UK homes.

More smart devices than ever before can talk to each other thanks to features like IFTTT (If This, Then That). For example, by joining the 14million registered IFTTT users you can turn your smart heating off when the last member of the household leaves, thanks to IFTTT and geofencing introduced to Wiser soon after launch.

Wiser impresses early on

Over the year, Wiser has been leaving its mark on the tech industry, impressing Tech Advisor, Pocket Lint, Trusted Reviews and Good Housekeeping. Wiser’s benefits for families were recognised at the UKMUMS.TV Mum’s Choice Awards when it won Highly Commended in 2017 soon after launch.

Entering 2018 Wiser was a Domestic Heating Product of the Year finalist at the H&V Awards and our smart radiator thermostat received the coveted Red Dot Design Award. Our most recent accolade saw Wiser shortlisted in the upcoming 2019 Tomorrow’s Care Awards, recognition of how Wiser can help those with health issues and/or reduced mobility.

Introducing the Wiser Plug

Mid-2018, our new smart plug joined the Wiser family, offering users the ability to control and schedule electrical devices like lamps, coffee machines and even slow cookers, all from the same Wiser app. Not only that, but the built-in signal enhancer boosts signal to all Wiser devices.

Continual Improvement

The Wiser journey is an ongoing one as we strive to develop more features, more integrations and more smart devices, to help our users on their own smart home journey. Better signal, better battery life and a better app experience are all areas we’ve made improvements in this year, always listening and learning from our user feedback to provide the very best experience in our system updates.

We’re proud of the more newly-introduced features our in-house engineering team have developed and continue to fine-tune, including the Smart Modes like Comfort Mode and Eco Mode, specifically designed to let Wiser learn how to run a system in the most efficient way. With IFTTT and OpenTherm integration, as well as a new heating report feature (this is coming soon to the app), Wiser is the all-encompassing solution that consumers are looking for.

Wiser Approved Installer Scheme

Since the Summer we’ve been on the road hosting half-day training sessions across the country, for professional installers looking to learn how Wiser and its smart heating controls can benefit their customers. Completing this training grants participants Wiser Approved status and access to exclusive benefits including discounts, a 5-year warranty on installed products, their company listed on our website and more. If you’re a professional installer, click here for more details.

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