SMART THERMOSTATS by Wiser are the Perfect Fit for University Hospitals Birmingham Charity

Here at Drayton, we’re proud to have helped the dedicated team at University Hospitals Birmingham Charity (UHBC) get smarter control of the heating in the accommodation they provide to patients undergoing treatment and their families, saving them time and money to focus on doing what they do best.

Smart Heating Helps Provide a Home Away From Home to Patients

We donated a number of smart heating control systems to UHBC, giving them remote control of the heating in their off-site accommodation, which is provided to families of patients' receiving treatment at various hospitals.

The charity’s ‘Home away from Home’ appeal offers accommodation to patients and their families who need to travel when undergoing treatment. Before Wiser,  keeping the temperature at a comfortable level for residents and keeping the charity’s utility costs down used to be challenge and requiried numerous visits to the site to manually adjust the pre-existing thermostats.


Smart Thermostats Provide Better Comfort and Better Savings

Not only have the newly-installed smart heating systems helped to provide a warm and comfortable Home away from Home for patients and their families, but the superior heating control means the charity benefits from lower utility bills, lower travel costs and less time travelling to the sites.

Control Energy Saving Modes from the App

The new Wiser systems let UHBC reap the cost-saving benefits of innovative smart modes, like Away Mode. By activating Away Mode when occupants leave the property, a chosen lower temperature is maintained, reducing energy usage and ensuring the accommodation is protected from cold weather even when empty. Away Mode can be deactivated remotely with the tap of a toggle in the app, ensuring the property is warm and comfortable when families arrive, even at short notice.


‘’The care we provide to patients and their families extends far beyond the treatment room and the Home away from Home appeal is designed to make them all feel as comfortable as possible during a very difficult time.  

‘Now with support from Drayton and its Wiser system, we can save both time and money managing the heating systems in our property portfolio, allowing us to focus even harder on the most important task, providing excellent care to families and patients that need it most.”

-   Tom Joyce, Operations Manager, UHBC


Protecting Families with Smart Heating Controls

Reducing the need for the charity team to visit the property has been especially important during Covid-19 restrictions and will continue to be beneficial for protecting patients in the future, who may have compromised immune systems and be vulnerable to infections.

A Future of Better Heating Control with Wiser

The initial phase saw three Wiser systems installed in three properties located just a short walk away from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Further Wiser installations of smart thermostats will be rolled out across UHBC property portfolio later in 2021.

Remi Volpe, Managing Director at Drayton, said of the scheme: ‘’This project is one that is very close to all of our hearts at Drayton and we are so pleased to be able to support UHBC by supplying our Wiser system, which will enable them to reduce their energy bills through the use of innovative technology, as well as ensuring they can react quickly to changing plans of new occupants to maximise their comfort.”

Find Out More Today

We’ve done all the research for you, see Wiser’s energy-saving statistics for yourself or find out How Wiser Works. For more advice or to read our FAQs, visit Wiser Support.

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