The iconic Drayton TRV4 was first manufactured in 1992 and the TRV4 is still widely recognised as a ‘TRV for life’ with over 16 million sold to date.

To celebrate, we’re sharing the hidden features that you may not be aware of that have made the TRV4 an installer favourite.


Radiator Balancing

A balanced heating system saves money and ensures all rooms reach the required comfort levels, but re-balancing an out of sync system can be time consuming for installers.

Thanks to our specially designed balancing key, the flow rate of the TRV4 can be locked, keeping radiators balanced. This saves time for installers as this fast and simple process only needs to be completed once, preventing future heating issues, even if radiators are moved for decorating.

Non-stick valve internals

When TRVs aren’t used for a long period of time – during the summer months for example, sticking can occur. When not in use, a TRV will remain closed, putting pressure on the internal components. In hard water areas calcium can build up, sticking the valve seat closed and preventing the TRV from opening.

Each and every Drayton TRV4 features unique non-stick plastic internals as standard to prevent sticking, and ensure that when the colder weather hits, TRVs will always open. The plastic internals also mean that calcium is unable to build-up.  

Replaceable components

Another common issue with TRVs is that once there is a fault with one of the inner components, the device will often need to be replaced with an entirely new unit.

Drayton TRVs are different as they feature easily replaceable inner components, to ensure it is a TRV for life. This allows individual parts like upper gland seals to be replaced, even under system pressure, saving the cost of a new TRV while maintaining the overall condition of the product.

Temperature limiter

Most homeowners won’t realise that the incremental numbers on a traditional TRV relates to a temperature rather than the level of heat required, often meaning that heating is unrestricted and not as efficient as it could be.

A temperature range limiting pin, included with every Drayton TRV, lets you restrict the temperature for increased efficiency or even limit the temperature for certain rooms like bedrooms, while additional pins are available at a nominal cost.

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