What can installers do to help homeowners COMBAT THE ENERGY PRICE HIKE?

With Ofgem’s early announcement this morning regarding the energy price cap, Drayton is urging installers to help educate concerned homeowners on ways in which they can reduce their energy bills.

The new price cap of £1,971, which has risen by more than 50%, was announced by Ofgem and will start from 1 April this year, with the record hike coming as wholesale gas prices soar.

In a typical UK household, heating and hot water accounts for around 50% of the total energy use, which gives homeowners scope to reduce their energy bills by making small changes to how they heat their homes.

Remi Volpe, Managing Director at Drayton, commented: “It is estimated that the latest price cap hike will force another two million households into fuel stress, taking the total to more than six million. Helping to educate homeowners on the small measures they can take now to reduce their rising energy costs has to be a priority.

“At Drayton, we’re committed to working with installers to provide training and support when it comes to offering best practice solutions for homeowners. This year we will be running a series of installer education sessions around solutions installers can utilise to help homeowners save money, including the installation of smart controls, optimising heating systems for lower flow temperatures, balancing and zoning to name just a few topics.

“With all of these energy saving possibilities, the evolution of smart technology is key, it provides homeowners with a real opportunity to make conscious decisions about how they heat their homes and what effect this can have on their energy bills and it is the job of the installer to help them make this transition to smart as quickly as possible.”

Some smart controls, such as Drayton’s Wiser, offer homeowners even more visibility over their energy usage and help them to make more sustainable choices. With Wiser, homeowners are able to integrate data from their smart meter to help save energy, money and the planet. The new insights+ feature allows homeowners to delve deeper into their energy usage and savings, so they can view current energy consumption, access tariff and spending data, and set energy budgeting notifications. The app will even predict future heating costs and help them identify potential savings from using Smart Modes. 

By combining the use of these innovative smart heating control features, homeowners can reap the benefits of an efficient heating system that not only helps reduce their carbon emissions, but also their monthly energy bills.

Helping homeowners understand how their heating system is performing and how they can make small changes to improve its efficiency has got to now be a high priority for all installers. By recommending the installation of smart thermostats, giving advice on zoning and advocating heating controls with more detailed insights, homeowners can start saving money today.

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