Wiser nominated for BEST HEATING SYSTEM at BUILDIT AWARDS 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that Wiser, Drayton's smart thermostat system has been nominated for Best Heating System or Product in this year’s BuildIt awards. This follows Wiser being named by T3 as one of the best smart thermostats of 2020 in September.

We hope to add this award to our accolades. This is the second year running we have been shortlisted for this award, with Wiser being recognised for its ease of installation, affordability, flexibility and expandability.


Smart heating that's easy to upgrade

If the pre-existing boiler controller uses a UK standard wallplate, installing the Wiser HubR could be as easy as unclipping the old and clipping on the new in a matter of minutes. From there, simply download the Wiser App and follow on-screen instructions to add the wireless thermostat devices, and job done!

You can learn all about installing Wiser and even become one of our Wiser Approved installers, with exclusive benefits and discounts for members. Find out more about getting our Wiser Approved accreditation online.


Affordable smart heating with room to grow

Our feature-packed smart thermostat paired with our intuitive heating app provides superior control over almost any heating system, with a variety of kit options to suit any user. Your customers are bound to be surprised how affordable upgrading to smart heating can be, and once installed it's quick and easy to add more devices to expand and enhance heating control across the home. More control means more comfort and more energy saved.

See our full product range and find out where you can buy Wiser today.


Boost energy savings with smart thermostats by Wiser

It's no secret that finer control of heating systems makes it easier to save energy, but with dedicated energy-saving modes, Wiser makes it even easier for users to reduce energy bills this Autumn and Winter:

> Multi-room control - Our award-winning smart radiator thermostats provide full control over each room individually, so you'll never waste energy heating rooms you're not using.

> Eco Mode - This meticulously designed smart feature learns about a home's thermal properties to turn the boiler off ahead of a scheduled 'OFF' time to save energy and money. These savings can be tracked via our unique Insights feature.

> Away Mode - Enable Away Mode to reduce all setpoints to a chosen lower level and you'll never waste energy heating an empty home. Away Mode can be activated from anywhere via the Wiser App, and even automated using IFTTT.


To learn more about Wiser, visit the website and sign up to the 9° Network to receive FREE benefits and access to the Wiser Approved online training.

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