Wiser is a WINNER in the Techradar WORK FROM HOME AWARDS 2021

We’re delighted to tell you that Wiser was recently declared a winner in the 2021 Techradar Work From Home Awards.

Wiser was praised for its ability to provide total control via our intuitive Wiser Home app, allowing users to tweak heating schedules in just a few taps and providing control of up to 16 separate zones to take care of everyone’s comfort, no matter what their schedules.

But it’s not just about comfort, Techradar recognises this level of control with Wiser means potential for significant energy savings, helping homeowners achieve a smart and sustainable home.

"The ability to control environmental conditions in the home more easily and with greater precision can only be a benefit for home workers. - Joel Khalili, TechRadar Pro Staff Writer

Wiser Smart Thermostat Wins Techradar Work From Home Award 2021

What’s the future for working from home?

Employees across the world are returning to workplaces, but the reality is many of us will continue to work from home, and workers have found - through the recent necessity - some great benefits in having the flexibility to work from home longer term.

But it doesn’t come without challenges. Working at home places more importance on a productive, comfortable but efficient working environment, and higher energy use is inevitable. The very price of this energy is also going up, so how can households take back control of our energy spend? And how can installers help them to do this?Wiser provides total heating control with the app, thermostat and multi-room control

Working from home – How to balance comfort and efficiency with Wiser

Every home and lifestyle is different, that’s why we’ve built Wiser to be versatile, responsive and fully-loaded with features to help households stay in control. Wiser takes care of your home, so you can take care of your workload.

Easy installation

Installers love Wiser for its ease of installation, from fitting the hub with the industry standard wallplate, to wireless pairing of thermostat devices via the app. We also offer free online training in Wiser installation and helping your customers make the most of its features to avoid callbacks. Complete the training today in as little as 30 minutes to unlock Wiser Approved status and its many benefits!

Multi-room heating control

We know the scenario, it’s chilly in the home office but the homeowner’s reluctant to turn up the heating for fear of wasting money heating the rest of the home. But Wiser’s multi-room heating using smart radiator thermostats means only heating the rooms that are use, at the times they’re used, so no more wasted energy. Research shows households could save up to 19%1 energy with multi-room heating control.

The Wiser Home app – Control at your fingertips

Our easy-to-use heating app keeps users in touch with the heating system, anytime and anywhere. There’s no need to leave the desk to make changes to the heating, simply boost, reduce heat, get system feedback and make schedule changes via the Wiser Home app in a few taps. For ultimate hands-free control, Wiser even works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Away Mode

Called into the office or away for a meeting? Simply enable Away Mode, one of the smart modes in the Wiser Home app from anywhere, to turn all temperatures down to a low level of the user’s choice. No more fussing with fiddly wall programmers, and no more heating an empty home. Users can even automate Away Mode using geofencing, which could save up to 24%2 energy.

Eco Mode

When enabled via the Wiser Home app, this smart mode uses a clever algorithm to learn just how quickly your home cools down after the boiler turn off, and wen coming up to the end of a heating period, will calculate an optimum time to turn the boiler off to save energy. Our UK field trials showed you could save an extra 7%3 energy by enabling Eco Mode.

Easy scheduling

Working flexible hours or part-time at home? Our heating app makes it simple and quick to change heating schedules to suit your working and living patterns, even when things change last minute, helping you save energy in total comfort.

Voice assistant compatibility

Smart speakers and voice assistants have proven useful to many while working from home, managing everything from work diaries to shopping lists. But with Wiser, simply ask

Extensive system compatibility

Wiser works alongside practically any heating system, from traditional radiators to wet underfloor and electric heaters. Our range of smart heating kits include options for both combi and conventional boilers with separate hot water control, with a handy Product Selector tool on our website to help find the perfect match.


Ready to help your customers work smarter and save energy? Sign up to the 9° Network to access the discounted Wiser shop and our FREE online training modules to unlock your Wiser Approved status.

Read the full Techradar Working From Home Awards article to find out what they thought of Wiser.


1 BEAMA 2020

2 A scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics suggests that the use of Away Mode with IFTTT (presence detection) can save up to 24% on your energy bills.

3 Schneider Electric field trials of 153 UK households

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