A large open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge with stairs


Used primarily in larger properties for zoning, Drayton's 2 port, diverter and mid-position valves are available in 22mm and 28mm.  All models feature 'snap-on' actuators and have industry-standard wiring and dimensions.

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The Full Spares Range

  • ZA3 2 Port Valve -2

    Motorised Valve - Spare actuator

    5 Wire zone valve actuator - SPST switch 230V

  • 22mmMid-PositionValve_27101_Front With Shadow

    Motorised Valve - Spare motor

    Synchronous motor pack

  • 22mmMid-PositionValve_27101_AngleB

    Motorised Valve mid position - Spare actuator

    Mid-position actuator 230V