the bottom of a radiator, showing the valve and a stuffed toy

Residential valves & lockshields

Drayton TRVs are manufactured in our UK factory are a rigorously tested to ensure reliability and quality. Britain’s best-loved TRV4 range now includes the Anthracite model to complement the growing popularity of anthracite radiators.

Our new Auto-balancing TRVs are a must for every installation and, once set, ensure a permanently balanced system which saves energy and improves boiler efficiency.

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The Full Residential valves & lockshields Range

  • EB valve

    EB valves

    Drayton EB thermostatic valves are suitable for all heating applications and offer angle, straight and corner angle valve patterns
    Non-stick valve internals
    Flow rate presetting to balance radiators
    M30 fitting to suit all Drayton TRV heads
    Chrome surface finish

  • Residential lockshield

    Lockshields and manual valves

    A range of accessories and fittings for residential radiators including lockshields, manual valves, and elbows for copper and plastic pipe
    Angle, straight lockshields with and without drain off
    Manual valves for radiators and towel rails
    Push-fit elbows for plastic pipe
    Compression elbows for copper and plastic pipe

  • Presetting Key - Angled A Screwfix.

    TRV Accessories

    Drayton have been manufacturing TRVs in Britain for over 25 years.  To ensure they are a TRV for life, these accessories are now available to buy.