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Drayton Helps the National Trust Stay in Control

Energy conservation for historic National Trust properties
Drayton TRV4 Classic Thermostatic Radiator Valve
• Reacts quickly to temperature change
• Saves money on heating bills
• Keymark approved to EN215
• Discreet slim-line design
• ‘A’ Rated for energy efficiency

The National Trust is a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces. With a portfolio of over 300 historic buildings, their team are dedicated to ensuring each building is preserved for ever, and for everyone. The National Trust use traditional conservation techniques to ensure each property is maintained to the highest standards. The National Trust is custodian of treasured, priceless collections for the nation, many of which are irreplaceable.

Historic properties controlled by state of the art TRV4

Heating controls specialist Drayton has helped the National Trust take greater control of its heating and energy usage, and protect its buildings and collections, by providing thermostatic radiator valves (TRV4s) to two of its Northumberland-based historic properties.
Cragside was built by inventor Lord Armstrong, it’s a lofty 100 roomed Victorian mansion and was the first house in the world to be lit by hydro-electricity. 16th century Seaton Delaval Hall has over 30 rooms and is not only widely regarded to be the finest house in the north eastof England, but also among the finest works of its architect, Sir John Vanbrugh, one of the masters of English Baroque.
“Heating is massively important to all National Trust properties, we have to control humidity and temperature within each space to preserve the fabric of the building and the collections. That’s why it was important to get valves that were both reliable and effective.” John McNeil, House Steward at Seaton Delaval Hall

The project involved fitting Drayton’s A-rated TRV4s to both of these treasured properties, which sit within the National Trusts’ portfolio.
“Cragside is a draughty old Victorian building and it takes an awful lot of energy to heat it, so a big concern for us was being able to minimise heat loss and energy use.” Duncan Norman, head ranger at Cragside.

Fully accredited TRVs

TRVs are used to limit the temperature in individual rooms to reduce energy consumption, and allow independent control in different zones, making them ideal for National Trust properties which are large and have many different rooms.

Drayton’s A-rated TRV4 achieved the highest energy efficiency rating thanks to its ultra-sensitive liquid-filled head, which reacts swiftly to temperature changes to minimise energy use. Drayton TRV4 underwent significant testing to be awarded this accreditation by the European valve manufacturers’ association (TELL EU).

A-rated TRVs offer superior quality and performance making them a preferred option for installers an ideal choice for companies like The National Trust. Tyne and Wear based installer, John N Dunn Group, carried out all of the heating and plumbing installations at both properties, specifying Drayton’s TRVs every step of the way.

“I’ve been installing heating systems for over 40 years and Drayton’s TRV is certainly a preferred heating valve. It’s a quality product that’s easy to use and being able to turn radiators on and off and zone different areas means that the heating is now flexible as opposed to having everything on all the time, therefore maximising energy efficiency and saving costs.”  Ian McGreggor, plumber at the John N Dunn Group

Compact and stylish in design, the TRV4 has hygienic wipe-clean surfaces with no slots to collect dust and grime, making it much easier for companies like the National Trust to clean and maintain the product. Half and full click-stop settings offer accurate temperature control, while non-stick plastic internals and replaceable parts make the TRV4 a ‘TRV for Life’, with a gland seal replacement not requiring a time-consuming system drain down.

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