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The Renovation Sisters Choose Wiser Multi-room Smart Heating

The Renovation Sisters, Alex and Pippa, have really made a name for themselves with their first project and limitless enthusiasm, amassing nearly 6000 followers on Instagram as they tackle a major renovation project with determination to learn new skills and beautiful interior styling, thanks to experience of former interior designer, Pippa.

The sisters chose Wiser’s smart heating control system to future-proof their project, maximise efficiency and provide total heating control convenience in their renovated home. We checked in with them to see how they’re getting on with it.

How These First-Time Buyers Beat High Property Prices

Two DIY-loving sisters from Basingstoke found themselves at the sharp end of high property prices when looking for their first home, so they joined forces physically and financially to take on an ex-council, three-bedroom property in urgent need of attention.

With walls and ceilings stained with nicotine, crumbling plaster and a mould-infested bathroom, there was a mountain of work to do. Alex and Pippa saw past the mess, the disrepair and the outdated décor at an open day, and recognised its potential to be the first home of their dreams, with a little time and elbow grease!

By renovating, they beat the high property prices and had the chance to make it their own, and they kept costs down by doing as much of the work themselves as possible, along with help from their family.

Home Improver. Keen Learner. Wiser.

To transform the unloved property, Alex and Pippa stripped it back to its bare bones, knocked down walls, replaced ceilings, replastered every room and reconfigured the layout to create light and airy open plan spaces, ideal for entertaining.

As young homeowners the Renovation Sisters were keen to embrace smart home technology as part of their project, like a smart doorbell connected to an Amazon Echo Show kept in the kitchen diner. Since maximising efficiency isn’t down to the plumbing, wiring and insulation alone, smart multi-room heating systems like Wiser provide total control over the boiler and radiators via an app, so you’ll never need to heat a home when you don’t need to, with the ability to personalise each room’s heating schedule to suit your lifestyle, keeping utility bills down and the whole house comfortable, something they have embraced whilst working from home.

 “It has been so handy for us to be able to set different temperatures for different rooms, at different times. Whilst we’ve been working from home, we’ve set the kitchen diner to 21 degrees throughout the day, while keeping the heating turned off in the lounge and bedrooms, and have different schedules for the rooms we use most in the evenings.

“One of the key benefits for us is that we can fully control the heating from the app, and that we can also change the temperature through our Echo Show with voice control. We also make the most of setting Wiser to ‘Away Mode’ whilst we’re out and warming the house up before we get home.”

- Alex, @renovation_sisters

The Renovation Sisters’ project continues and you can follow their progress by following them on Instagram. What a great achievement and as we say in Devon, get on girls!

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