Part numbers

RT414 Sensing head only: 10 10 099
RT414 with 15mm angle valve: 10 10 015
RT414 with 15mm straight valve: 10 10 115
RT414 with 15mm angle valve & lockshield: 10 10 260
RT414 with 15mm angle DOTP lockshield: 10 10 264

The Drayton RT414 thermostatic radiator valves provide control of individual room temperatures. With integral thermostatic sensing head and reverse flow capability, the 15mm angle valve can be flow or return mounted, vertically or horizontally. Radiator flow rate can be balanced from the TRV.

  • Double gland seal
  • Range limiting feature
  • Reverse flow
  • Allows simple draining of system
  • Sensitive liquid-filled sensor
  • Non-stick internals
  • White wheelhead caps available (part no. 07 35 123) – converts valve body into balancing/isolating valve to replace lockshield
  • Adaptors available for plastic (PEX) and multi-layer pipe

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