15mm 2-way Pumped Tapstat Cylinder Control

Self-acting Tapstats control domestic hot water temperatures on gravity-fed or pumped primary systems, preventing scalding and energy wastage.

  • High quality
  • Self-acting (non electric)
  • Range limiting stops
  • Remote sensor with 2m capillary
  • Compression fittings for copper pipe
  • Simple to install

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Part number Tapstat sensing head 07 45 012 ; 15mm 2-way Tapstat (pumped) 07 45 015 ; MK3-MK4 Tapstat conversion head ; 07 91 011
Setting range 32°C to 72°C
Max. static pressure 147 psi (10 bar)
Max. primary flow temperature 100°C continuous; 120°C intermittent
Max. differential pressure 15mm 2 way - 59 psi (4 bar) * The differential pressures stated are maximum limits. It is not recommended that Tapstats are used at pressures above 8.8 psi (0.6 bar) as noise may be experienced in the system.
KV value (fully open) 1.1
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