7th October 2022

    We’re thrilled to announce that the new Drayton Digistat has been named the Domestic Heating Product of the Year in the 2022 HVR Awards.
    Combining installers’ favourite features with a contemporary new look and app control, the new Digistat with Bluetooth connectivity offers in-home control of the new Digistat via the popular Wiser Home app, making it easier than ever for users to create and adjust heating schedules from their smartphone without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

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  • Drayton announces the launch of its new, innovative Auto-balancing TRV

    9th August 2022

    Helping to make balancing easy for installers and to also reduce the risk of call backs from systems not performing correctly, Drayton has launched its new auto-balancing TRV technology, available for two of its most popular ranges – the iconic TRV4 and RT414.

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  • Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations; what do they mean for the industry?

    22nd July 2022

    The significant changes to Part L of the building regulations, introduced on 15 June, aim to improve the efficiency of new and retrofit heating systems. These changes are a necessary step to reducing emissions from buildings and will be followed in 2025 by the introduction of an even more ambitious Future Homes Standard. Heating engineers need to take notice of the changes that took place on 15 June and the general direction of travel as required skills and measures required to install heating systems evolve.

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  • Panasonic and Drayton by Schneider Electric Join Forces to Provide Efficient and Renewable Room-By-Room Heating for Homeowners.

    21st June 2022

    We are excited to announce an industry-first partnership between ourselves and Panasonic, combining the industry's best heat pump offering with the market-leading smart heating controls. On an exciting mission to expediate the journey to Net Zero, Panasonic and Drayton by Schneider Electric have joined forces to offer sustainable solutions taking the future of heating to the next level.

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  • The Leaf: Issue 12 May 2022 – Springtime is Showtime for Biodiversity

    26th May 2022

    It’s spring! Yet as we stare out of the window on a rainy Thursday afternoon we’re wondering if anyone’s told the British weather yet. But the reality is this springtime rain is extremely important for the growth of this year’s seeds, just coming to life as sunny hours and temperatures increase.

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  • Publication of the Energy Security Strategy supports INVESTMENT IN DOMESTIC ENERGY EFFICIENCY

    25th May 2022

    Trading in a gas price crisis
    As households across the UK has witnessed, recent months have seen substantial increases in domestic energy costs, largely due to a surge in gas prices accelerated by the pandemic and other geo-political events. Learn more about why gas prices are increasing.

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  • The Leaf: Issue 11 Mar 2022 – How We Embrace Our Role as an impact Company

    5th May 2022


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  • NEW GOV SCHEME: Drive Your Business With 0% VAT on Energy-Saving Materials (ESMs) Installation

    21st April 2022

    In a newly announced Government scheme, having energy-saving materials (ESMs) installed in UK homes will positively impact UK households, installers and the country’s net zero goals. This scheme effectively makes ESMs, including all heating controls, even more affordable for consumers, ensuring they see a faster return on their initial investment. Read on to find out more about the scheme and how it can benefit your business as an installer.

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  • Drayton Welcomes Launch of the BOILER UPGRADE SCHEME

    6th April 2022

    1st April 2022 saw the launch of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, Drayton welcomes this new initiative to help drive consumer uptake in low-carbon solutions, but sends a cautious message that existing heating systems still relying on gas must not be forgotten in the country’s roadmap to reducing carbon emissions.

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  • Drayton Sponsors The Heating Hub's KEEPING HOMES WARM FOR LESS CONFERENCE

    16th March 2022

    This year, as part of our campaign to help improve the efficiency of heating systems across the UK and reduce carbon emissions, Drayton is sponsoring the first ‘Keeping Homes Warm For Less’ online conference, hosted by The Heating Hub and supported by Low Carbon Homes. The conference will focus on easy boiler tweaks that can reduce gas bills and help tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

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  • The Leaf: Issue 10 Feb 2022 – Drayton celebrates INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2022

    8th March 2022

    As part of Schneider Electric, an Impact Company, at Wiser we're comitted to a holistic approach to sustainability.

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  • Introducing Insights+ - Wiser’s NEWEST FEATURE to combat energy price rises

    16th February 2022

    The Wiser Home app has a brand-new feature, an intelligent energy dashboard that provides more personalised data than ever, helping households across the UK in the battle to save energy and money.
    For homeowners, adding smart home technology can feel complex, but we believe understanding energy use should be simple, especially in a world where cost of living is increasing. Wiser does the hard work for you with Insights+.

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